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Joseph Dalton, Company CEO

For more than 25 years, Joseph has been passionate about achieving better results for his clients—results that go beyond sale and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring.

Joseph is an exceptional business person with vast expertise in sales and marketing, both in Ireland and abroad, with a proven record of accomplishment in achieving year on year company growth and regularly exceeding defined targets. His strength lies in successfully managing and motivating teams to achieve business growth.

In his 28 years in business he has worked in the offices like supply industry, automotive industry, software, and fitness industry.  He was also part of team set up by the European Union to help potential entrepreneurs attain an online presence.

Joseph has an ability to increase a business’s income and success. He uncovers hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, and untapped possibilities. He has an innate understanding of how a company can use the internet to enhance brand awareness.  Joseph also translates all the tech jargon and breaks it down in layman’s terms.

Joseph works with successful businesses who are challenged by ‘too many ideas but not enough time’ and want to simplify their business so they can make more money by working smarter.

Over the years Joseph has received awards for excellence in sales and marketing. Joseph and his businesses have featured in major newspaper publication and radio shows here in Ireland, in the UK and in the USA. One of his companies featured on the highly viewed American TV show “Good Morning America”

He also produces and hosts a highly successful radio show on Dublin South FM- Breakthrough Brands. He has the pleasure of interviewing Business Leader, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Advisors, Authors and Consultants from across the globe.

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What People Say

Joseph Dalton was very helpful to us throughout the work on our marketing project, right from the beginning where they came up with great ideas through to project delivery. They went above and beyond what we had agreed and we are delighted with the results.  We love the Ideas that Joseph comes up with. Thank you!”

Heather Leeson Director

“Marketing a business requires knowledge, speed of delivery and a deep understanding of how it all works. Joseph has all these skills in abundance and takes the time to listen to his clients”

Patrick Daly MD

Joseph helped us understand the benefits of inbound marketing. Developing a strategy that allowed us to build better online sales campaigns thus driving revenue. Joseph is a very talented individual and we are happy to recommend him to future clients.

Damien Mcnally Company CEO

You can tell a clever man by his answers, but you can tell a wise man by his questions. Joe is one of those “wise men” who has the ability to ask the right question at the right time to get to the core of a challenging situation. His warming and friendly personality enable him to build strong rapport with people and these key skills are what make him a truly outstanding teacher and presenter in his specialist subjects of retail sales process and marketing. Joe has interviewed me a few times on radio on his Breakthrough Brands series and…

Jeff Smith International Conference Speaker,Global Business Trainer and #1 International Best-Selling Author

Joe is a guy in a million … there aren’t many like him! Not only is he a really nice guy, always willing to help and very knowledgeable about marketing and business development; he also knows so many people that are equally as knowledgeable about their area of expertise. I’ve known Joe for a while now, have been on his radio show, and am in touch with him every week. He’s a great guy to exchange ideas with and a valued friend.

Stefan Drew Marketing Consultant, Best Selling Author.

l met Joe at a conference and instantly liked him. He has a genuine interest in helping people achieve their goals, whether in business or in life. He is a fantastic business partner, coach, mentor and now friend. He helped me develop my website, and gave me some fantastic advice in terms of my Body Health and Soul business and my DDG Performance Optimisation business. He is also incredibly well connected through his past work and his radio show. Definitely a man I would highly recommend to work with in so many ways!

Doug Gordon Head of European Distribution, Davy Asset Management/International Keynote Speaker/Business Strategist

I have worked and am working with Joe on a couple of projects at the moment and find he has a really straightforward approach and just really gets it. He is fun to work with but also understands the whole dynamic of strategy and what needs to be done. He has also given me some simple ideas that make real sense. I also had the pleasure of doing a radio slot on his super business program “Breakthrough Brands” on South Dublin FM. Found him an excellent interviewer. Would highly recommend Joe for your business if you need strong marketing strategy…

Stephan Murtagh CEO

Being mentored by Joseph was a great experience. We wanted to start bringing in a steady income to our consulting business despite the expertise and years of experiences. With Joseph I discovered that I need to work on my mindset first, if I want to experience turnaround. I was introduced to different techniques which I am applying daily and results were seen very soon (still, it is an ongoing process). Afterwards we focused on understanding and development of marketing process. Strong emphasise was given on use of online tools, which are very effective and also very affordable. Of course tools…

Kristjan Zemljic Co-Founder & CFO

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